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Open, wild, close, very accessible and beautiful. At the same time, attractively raw and untouched. This is Vadsø – one of the few cities in the country to face directly south. The flat landscape provides plenty of space for a wide and richly coloured sky. The Varanger Fjord is a continuation of the large, flat, spacious and all-encompassing landscape.

The fjord is the largest and only fjord in Norway that opens to the East. Almost like a majestic ocean. The water reflects the countless colours of the sky. The darkest season brings the most powerful colours.

At times, we experience four seasons in the same day. Ice-cold winds may disrupt a warm, sunny day. It all happens in the blink of an eye – so be sure to enjoy the magical moments.

Nature makes its impression, and shapes the people in it. The people of Vadsø mirror the landscape. Just like nature, they are open, friendly, genuine, accessible and a bit raw. Vadsø is closeness. Close to nature, close to an urban environment. You can walk everywhere. No queues, no waiting. You have more free time and can afford to live well. In the Eastern part of the city you will find the old soul of Vadsø. Small Finnish saunas, the tired old seaside houses, street names that tell the story of a time when half of the inhabitants were Finnish.

We have always been multicultural. Sami, Kven, Russians and Norwegians have lived peacefully together. In recent years, this has encompassed people from Syria and Somalia. The city of Vadsø is nationally recognised for its rich cultural scene

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