vadsø. ekkerøy, fuglefjell

Birds at Ekkerøy

Ekkerøy is one of the oldest fishing villages along the Varangerfjord and also one of its best birding sites. The village is connected to the mainland by a causeway with inner and outer bays, which are excellent for birding. On the north side of the road you will find another wind shelter, which gives you a great views of the outer bay. It is a fantastic place to see waders and occasionally lekking Ruff as well as huge flocks of Red Knots in the late spring. In winter the east / outer bay is a premium site for King-, Common- and Steller´s Eiders. Generally the sheltered bay attracts both seaducks and divers in all seasons.

Ekkerøy also has a 50 metre high bird cliff which has one of the largest colonies of Kittiwakes in Varanger. 20,000 thousand pairs breed here, creating nests out of mud and grass. White-tailed Eagles and Gyrfalcons make regular visits to the cliff, attracted by the thousands of Kittiwakes. The fields to the north of the island are a good place to observe a large variety of passerines such as Meadow Pipit, Red-throated Pipit, Shore Lark, Lapland Bunting and Snow Bunting, depending on the season. Ekkerøy has several high quality accommodation options, which are a short walk from the impressive bird cliff and the other birding sites.