vadsø, king eider

Birds in Vadsø

Vadsø is the largest town in Varanger and due to its central location is a good place to base yourself when visiting Varanger. In winter and early spring Vadsø harbour is one of the top places to see Steller´s Eider. From the breakwater bird hide you get a fantastic views of the harbour and an opportunity for close encounters with seaducks.

When you cross the bridge from Vadsø you get to the island Vadsøya, another excellent viewing spot for several bird species. During the summer Vadsøya is a key place to observe waders along the shore such as Dunlin, Common Redshank and Temminck´s Stint. Passerines include Red-throated Pipit, Bluethroat and Lapland Bunting. The small pond found on the eastern part of the island is a magnet for wading birds, and several rarities have been recorded there too. The south-easternmost point of the island can be a good seawatching point for seabirds and sea mammals including Minke and the occasional Humpback Whale, Orcas, Harbour Porpoises and White-beaked Dolphins plus Grey and Common Seals. However any spot in Varanger with good views of the fjord has potential for cetacean watching. Mountain Hare may be seen on Vadsøya at any time of the year. There are several accommodation options in Vadsø, offering a bed and breakfast and great wildlife on the doorstep.