vadsø, kjærlighetsstien


The Love trail is a great trail situated practically in the centre of Vadsø. The trail is parallel to the sea. If it is summer and the weather is nice, you can enjoy the sea and the lush flora along the trail. In rough weather and especially during the autumn, you can experience the impressive and powerful Arctic Ocean at close range.

The trail is signposted and the terrain is easily walked. You can either hike the trail both ways, approx. 5 km or 3 miles, or you can hike it one way for about 2.5 km or a mile and a half, and return along a footpath. The start of the footpath is just before you get to Vadsø city centre right below route E75. 

Start: Parking lot, sign- posted on route E75.

Length: 2.5 km one way

Type: A nice hike for some exercise and fresh air and for enjoying the proximity to the sea.