Vadsø, kulturbyen, vadsø kommune
Kulturbyen Vadsø
Frivillighet Vadsø

The town of culture

Welcome to Vadsø, the town of culture, where north meet east in a diversity of stories and experiences. Where sports clubs and other unions and clubs facilitate aktivities for young and old people in the local community throughout the year. 

While we waiting for spring you can hear the sounds of the choir and the sounds of culture scenes being rigged for the spotlight.

Late summer the town goes crazy in an rare culture event called Varangerfestivalen. While the winter wind are howling you are beeing invited in to the warmth of Norways only Kven museum, through a timetravel at Toumainengården or you can find shelter at the county librabry, the citys modern meeting ground. Vadsø, the towm of culture is hold a population from all over the world witch creates new culture and history.