About Vadsø

Vadsø is the capital in Finnmark and the host of the County Council, governments agencies such as Vegvesen, NAV, Innovation Norway Arctic, tax Commission, Fiskeridirektoratet and Vadsø prison. Sykehusinnkjøp HF and FeFO are also important institutions. The municipality has a variation of businesses with industries such as power, trade, service, fish, agriculture, culture, entrepreneur/contractors, conculting and accounting.

You find the most educated people in Vadsø municipality. The goverment and the private sector has worked together with the exiting project "" where the main goal is to get people to move to Vadsø by telling the good stories and telling people about all the job oppurtunities here in Vadsø.  

There are currently (12/17) living 6125 persons in the municipality. About 1000 people lives in Vestre Jakobselv witch are located 17 kilometers west of Vadsø city. In Vestre Jakobselv you find most of the the entrepreneur/contractors, car dealers, fishermenn and tourism businesses. The village is famous for it`s salmon river.

Traveling east you will find lots of small villages along the road. Just 2 kilometers from the citycenter you will enter Kiby, where you will find the airport.  Going further you will find Little Salttjern, Golnes and Ekkerøy, a very popular birdwatching sight, Krampenes and Skallelv, where you can find another salmon river.

The municipality borders to Varanger Peninsula National Park. The peninsula is the largest area within the arctic klima zone in mainland Norway, ang got unique landscaping and quaternary geology, plant and wildlife and Sami culture heritage.

In the photo you can see the locals during the Varanger festival witch are held every year in week 32.