Vadsø, pavelstien

The Pavel trail

The Pavel trail has been named after a local enthusiast who took the initiative to establish and adapt this hiking trail in collaboration with the municipality of Vadsø and the local skiing club.

The Pavel trail is a trail on which you can walk, jog, ride a bicycle or wheel a pram. The starting point of the trail is at the Vadsø ski stadium and it takes you to the gravel pit by the Thomaselv valley. The trail goes along a floodlit cross-country ski track for the first 1.2 km and the signposts are rather few and far between, but the path is clear and the ground is mainly gravel.

When you get to Thomaselv, you can choose whether to walk back along the same trail or to go down to the main road in order to walk a foot- and bicycle-path back to town. The trail is about 6 km long, return.