vestre jakobselv, vadsø

The River Jakobselv trail

Finnmark county has a lot of good salmon rivers and Vestre Jakobselv is one of them. The source of the river is in the mountain area and a 40 kilometre stretch of the river carries salmon. The water is crystal clear and relatively cold, even during the summer.

Walking along the river is a very nice experience. The landscape is lush, with everything from dense forests to open places where you can watch the enthusiastic salmon anglers. The river has four waterfalls and four salmon ladders. Apart from salmon, you may also catch sea char, sea trout, trout and char in the river.

Walk along the gravel road from the parking lot to the signpost marking the start of the trail. Hike the trail along the river up to the first waterfall, a hike of approx. 3 km return. You can also hike up to the Solvarden cairn, where there is a lovely view of the sea and the landscape. The trail has a bit of an ascent and is some 6–7 km return. 

Start: Parking at the side of the river, 100 metres from E75 Tana–Varangerløypa junction at Vestre Jakobselv. The trail starts about 800 metres from the parking spaces.

Length: 1.5 km or 3.5 km one way

Type: A half-day or full-day hike in varied terrain.