Tuomainengårde, vadsø


Tuomainengården is a traditional farmhouse dating back to 1851 located at 21 Slettengata, near Esbensengården in Ytre Kvenbyen.

It was gifted to Varanger Museum by the siblings of Ida and Alf Tuomainen. Ida was a well-known cultural figure in Vadsø who used the farmhouse to promote Kven and Finnish culture and history. Indeed, Finnish President, Urho Kekkonen, visited Tuomainengården to inaugurate a monument to Kven immigrants in Vadsø, in 1977.

The Farm estate has a barn, stables, smithy bakery and sauna that you can visit. The farmhouse itself was originally built in the ‘Varangerhus’ style that combines the barn and house under the same roof connected by a corridor. You’ll also find temporary exhibitions in the various farm buildings.