vadsø, luftskipsmasta

Vadsøya culturepark trails

The airship mast at Vadsøya was erected for Umberto Nobile and Roald Amundsen’s daring flight over the North Pole on the airship “Norge”, in 1926. Nobile returned here two years later, in 1928, as captain of his own airship, “Italia”.

Vadsøya is an easily accessible hiking destination packed with cultural and historical relics of Vadsø’s past. It also has wetlands and nesting grounds for rare birds for the polar and eastern regions, especially ducks and wading birds.

There’s plenty of signposting, so you won’t miss a thing. On the island’s north eastern shores, there are the remains of settlement of peat-roofed houses, providing just one of two examples of a best-preserved medieval villages in Northern Norway. There was a thriving community from about 1500 to 1600, with a village council, church and an economy based on fishing and trading. The residents subsequently relocated to the mainland and the graveyard was later used by Russian fishermen and called “the Russian cemetery”.

You’ll find many relics of the war in the Culture Park, such as bunkers, firing positions and trenches when the Germans occupied the area in WW2.

Just south of the airship mast, there’s a wooden shelter and firepit which is free to use but please make sure you bring your own wood and tidy up before you leave.

One of the paths, to the airship mast, is suitable for wheelchairs and prams. The round-trip is 1.5 km.

Start: Car park at the entry to the culture park trail.

Distance: Several different-length circuits to choose from.

Conditions: An easy walk for people of all abilities for natural and cultural heritage lovers on flat, open terrain.