vadsø, luftskipsmasta

Vadsøya culturepark trails

The airship mast at Vadsøya was constructed by Umberto Nobile for Roald Amundsen’s expedition over the North Pole with the airship “Norge” (Norway) in 1926. The airship “Italia” captained by Nobile also made a stop here in 1928.

Vadsøya is an easily accessible hiking area which is full of traces from various periods of Vadsø’s history, with ancient as well as recent cultural heritage relics. There are also wetland areas and nesting areas for rare polar and eastern bird species, especially ducks and waders.

The various tourist attractions are signposted. On the island’s north-eastern shore you can see remains of homesteads after groups of peat houses – one of two well-preserved medieval villages in North Norway, with the remains of administration buildings and a church, based on fishing and trade. It was populated from approx. 1500–1600. After that, the population moved to the mainland. The cemetery was later used by Russian fishermen and was then called “the Russian cemetery”.

Inside the culture park there also many war remains: bunkers, firing positions and trenches from the German occupation during the Second World War.

Right south of the airship mast, there is a lean-to with a space for an open fire. Everybody is welcome to use it. Firewood and tidying up must be seen to by the visitors themselves. 

Start: Good parking con- ditions right by the gate to the park at Vadsøya.

Length: Several alternative trails.

Type: A nice discovery walk for people interested in nature and culture, in easy and open terrain.